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We are happy to provide our services to those pregnant women, who wishes to learn authentic Yoga during their gestational period but are unable to find any qualified experienced yoga prenatal trainer who is a experienced India System of Doctor too, in their towns or cities. All our classes are designed considering the individual needs. On requests we provide customized individual Sattvic diet(Veg) charts. Extra Classes on Asana and Pranayama will also be conducted on request.

Prenatal Dietic (sattvic) Consultation

Along with Yoga, sattvic diet is also equally important for the mother. A complete chart of Ayurvedic sattvic diet will be designed considering the need of pregnant in each trimester.

Prenatal Yoga Consultation

Practicing yoga during pregnancy is very important, but which particulars Asana are to be practiced when and in which month of the pregnancy with what all modification is known only when you are under the able guidance of an experienced Prenatal Yoga trainer. Schedule of Asanas and training will be given to the pregnant women considering her physical and mental conditions to make her journey of pregnancy blissful and to make the pregnant women to feel elevated spiritually and most importantly to have easy baby birthing.

Ayurveda Consultation

Consultation for ailments ranging from skin problem to allergies, insomnia to arthritis will be provided. Body basic constitution will be analyzed and Ayurvedic medicine will be suggested.

In person and Online Classes

Online Classes are provided for the pregnant women who are unable to find any qualified experienced prenatal yoga trainer in their localities. In-Person classes will be held in Studio.

The need for
Pregnant Women

My intension of making Pregnant women practice Yogasana throughout their Gestation is to have a healthy baby and to make the pregnant women enjoy and be content through out her pregnancy and to avoide Cesarean Section and to encourage Normal Delivery through the practice of this blissful ancient Indian art of Living.

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Pregnancy Yogasana.

Sage Patanjali in his PATANJALI YOGASUTRA has mentioned 'YUJYATHE ANENA ETHE YOGAHA' One which unites with the Almighty is YOGA. In Sanskrit (One of the oldest Language) MATRU means MOTHER. Becoming a mother to a beautiful soul is only through the KARMA (Our Past Deeds). You become a mother only when your past deeds (also called yoga/Karma) pays for you. Being a mother is a most pure and supreme relation above all. Pregnant women connecting to her baby in the womb by just feeling it is the most blissful movement any women would never miss. She now will have 2 souls with in her. One of herself and the other of her baby. Let that connection or the bond between the mother and the fetus in the womb be connected to the SUPREME SOUL, through the practice of YOGA. So it happens to be an utmost responsibility of the pregnant women to see that the fetus in the womb is given only positive vibration, positive taught through out the journey of Pregnancy and this can be possible if the pregnant women practice YOGASANA and PRANAYAMA during this tender time.
Practicing YOGASANA during the pregnancy is often considered as a biggest challenge, but under an able guidance it will be simple and ease.

It's something important you want to know, How does yoga help the Pregnant Women

Well the uses of YOGASANA during pregnancy is innumerable. But to name some few, we can list it based on its action on the physical and mental status of Pregnant Women.

1. Helps in dealing with Nausea, morning sickness, head ache.
2. Helps to fight Gestational Diabetes, gestational Hypertension.
3. Regular practice of Yoga during pregnancy helps them to gain weight in optimal range(10-12kg).
4. Few of the Asanas/Postures helps as a hip opener and there by helps in having natural or normal delivery.
5. Yogasana helps in dealing with Braxton-Hicks.
6. Useful in managing lower back pain, carpal tunnel disease.
7. Helps the fetus to come upto Transverse Lie and hence, helps in easy delivering of the baby.

Helps the pregnant women to adjust herself for the hormonal changes and to have less mood swings and to be more composed. Breathing Techniques practiced during the practice of Asanas and Pranayama helps the pregnant to lessen her stress and anxiety level at the time of birthing. Breathing techniques helps the pregnant women to have deep breathing between the contractions at the time of delivery. Helps the mother and child to bond more

Meet Our Doctor!


Dr. Sindhu Prashanth

Doctor - B.A.M.S, M.D(A.M), M.Sc (Yoga)

I am Dr. Sindhu Prashanth an Ayurvedic Doctor(Indian System of Medicine) and have been practicing from past 10 years in Bangalore (India).I was Introduced to Bharatanatyam (South Indian Classical Dance) in my childhood days which made me to precociously develop interest in Yoga too. Being born and bought up in a family where in Yoga is worshipped, made me to realize that equanimity in life can be got only by the practice of Yoga regularly. So, practicing Yoga regularl from my childhood days inquisitively made me to perceive my Masters in Yoga. Being a doctor and a Master Degree holder helped me to understand Anatomical and Physiological changes happening in Pregnant women and with immense study on the subjects, made me to understand how well one can modify each Asanas/Postures during this tender duration of pregnancy.

I have even consolidated my studies on practice of Yoga during my pregnancy in my book “Yoga for Pregnant”, where in each Asanas/posture which pregnant women can perform is been documented from beginning till days prior to my due date to deliver my 2nd child.

‘Yoga For Pregnant‘is not just about practicing Yoga during pregnancy, but how caution one need to be during this tender period and how well one needs to modify the asanas has been dealt in detail in considering the anatomical and physiological changes affecting the pregnant women and how particular asanas/Postures when done in particular trimester helps during at the time of birthing. My book 'Yoga For Pregnant' is even available in Kannada (one of the regional language of India) other than in English. It is helping a lot of Prenatal Natal Yoga trainers as a Practioner guide.

We Often take care of our health only when we are in a verge of loosing it. My intension of making Pregnant women practice Yogasana throughout their Gestation is to have a healthy baby, also to make the pregnant women enjoy and stay content through out her pregnancy and to avoide Cesarean Section and to encourage Normal Delivery through the practice of this blissful ancient Indian art of Living.

Being rooted to both tradition and culture of India, it has made me to heel many of my patient holistically.

see what patients are saying?

I had severe sciatic pain during my 5th month, doctor’s guidance and medication helped me a lot in reduce my pain.

My daughter had severe morning sickness but on regular practice of yoga and customized postures which was suggested by Dr.Sindhu helped a lot.

Thanks doctor for your knowledge on Ayurveda and Yoga which helped me to have normal delivery even though I had issues earlier.

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We provide our services to those pregnant women who wishes to learn authentic yoga during their gestational period but are unable to find any qualified experienced doctor who is also Prenatal Yoga trainer.

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